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There are three primary ways to install Halcyon, from RubyGems, from the repository, and from the tarball downloaded from the repository.


Before showing you how to install Halcyon, here’s a quick review of the primary Halcyon dependencies.


To install Halcyon from RubyGems, run this at your command line:

$ sudo gem install halcyon

There is also the latest development release available from
http://halcyon.rubyforge.org/latest/. This can be installed with:

$ sudo gem install --source=http://halcyon.rubyforge.org/latest/

From Sources

In order to install directly from the source, you will either need to install Git (available via Apt, Yum, or MacPorts), or look at the section below on installing from the Tarball.

The primary development repository is located at GitHub.

Make sure you’re in an appropriate directory (~/source/ perhaps) and run this command from your command line:

$ git clone git://github.com/mtodd/halcyon.git

This will download the repository into halcyon/. Change into this directory and run this command:

$ rake install

This will package up Halcyon into a Gem package and then install it locally.

From Source Tarball

The tarball is provided by the same location as the Git repository.

You can either go to that website and click Download Tarball or run this command (replacing curl -O with wget if you choose):

$ curl -o halcyon.tgz http://github.com/tarballs/mtodd-halcyon-master.tar.gz

Once done, unpack the tarball and change into the created directory:

$ tar xzf halcyon.tgz
$ cd mtodd-halcyon-master/

Once your in the directory, run the following:

$ rake install

This will perform the same was as from source.